Sunday, 21 December 2008

Festive Figure Fruition

Had three days off last week, using up holidays before Christmas. Finished three miniatures over this time, here's two of them. Not a lot of return I hear you say, but was busy a) preparing for Xmas and b) performing DIY duties and c) put alot of time into details on the enthusiastic Berg figure, here he is along with a Westphalian chum. That's 9.5 of the Westphalian Landwehr finished now, almost half the battalion. This is probably it until after Christmas now, brushes are down!

Monday, 15 December 2008

Diorama Idea (2)

I've thought about the miniatures for this little scene. Here they are - 6 figures and 2 horses - I already have the French 'infantry in camp' Foundry figures here (somewhere in my pile of metal), along with the captured Austrian grenadier. For the cavalry, its the first time in a long time i'll be buying a couple of Front Rank sculpts. The two polish lancer figures and their horses suit my needs best. Think i'll re-sculpt one of their czapkas though, giving it an oilskin cover. I'll buy some extra things like single muskets to add to the base too.

One potential problem is the French infantry. They're in post 1812 Bardin regulation uniform. The picture is of Wagram, 1809. The lancer miniatures are probably later uniforms as well. Time to stroke the beard and maybe get the green stuff out. I probably won't get on with this until the new year though, another long project.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Diorama Idea

Following on from the Skeleton miniature I posted a while back, and after the comments some of you left about the OSL thing which got my imagination going, I want to develop it further. i've been thinking about what to paint next.

Got me thinking of putting something together with several figures and terrain, somewhat more complex. Now as most of you clearly understand, it takes me years to do anything in here, so this project would probably take me a long time (but who cares, you're a long time dead too). I'm reckoning on a small bivouac scene using this famous painting as the source.

Figures for it will probably be Perry (lots of options of infantry at rest) and Foundry (Guard Lancers). What's another project amongst so many...

Monday, 1 December 2008

Figometer Update (November 2008)

Three miniatures completed in November, with several others started/worked upon. Shame I couldn't get up to four completed, maybe i'll get extra time in December (chuckles). Pleased with the way the Wesphalians are shaping up though. Should have the half battalion done sometime soon.

Not got much to offer up for the Steve Dean painting competition this month - nothing painted soley for it - so I think i'll stick a figure on it I finished in October.

I have put in the note to Santa about the Perrys plastic French box though, so if i'm good, hopefully they'll be in my stocking come Chrimbo. If I get any surplus cash at Christmas (if) then I may put in my annual large order with Foundry. Would like to buy the rest of my Prussians and finally buy the rest of my Highlander battalion (half of which i've had for ages, unpainted of course).

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Grenadier Battalion Kirchebetter

These two are the other minis that I finished last weekend. Fancied a bit of a change from the Prussian blue, what's better than Austrian white! Painted as grenadiers from Infantry Regiment 37. They have red bags on the cap, leaning towards an earlier formation (maybe around the time of Asspern-Essling) rather than later when yellow became the order of the day. There will be eight of these fellows in the battalion, along with 16 others from two other regiments. (note: Austrian grenadiers were 'pooled' together into battalions from three regiments, and operated independently of their parent formations, so that's why there's only 8 of each in my battalion).

Monday, 24 November 2008

Prussian Landwehr (7)

And while i'm at it, here's the latest WIP shot of the Westphalian Landwehr. Completed another one on Saturday. These guys are starting to come together now, I need to finish 4 more and i'll be halfway through the battalion...

Side note. Just got home to find a little package waiting for me from the postie. A Nap Prussian artillery piece and crew I won last week. Overjoyed, then I opened the jiffy and the axle of the gun has broken (grrr). It was well packed and i'm not having a go at the seller. It looks like someone has stood on the package, the shits! Anyway, i've fixed it now with some tender loving care, and its sitting here waiting in line to be painted now.

Weekend Warriors

Finished 3, yes three miniatures at the weekend - and West Ham finally won a game! Am very happy with myself. Also well on the way with 2 more minis (posted here, Berg infantryman on the left, landwehr officer on the right). Am pleased with the way this Berg musketeer is coming along, he's the test piece for the battalion and I must say i'm happy with the colours. Some of the chaps will have white trousers. I may have a go at converting some of the coats into the French style and some of the shakos into the Berg style without oilskin covers.

Friday, 21 November 2008

We Were Only Making Plans for Ziethen..

Hoping to get some painting in tomorrow, haven't done much of it in the last three weeks. Have had time to 'visualise' the strength and formations of my Prussian Napoleonic Brigade though. If they all ever get finished, i'll probably flesh the formation out, adding second battalions etc. I'd like to start painting the Berg regiment but I need to be focused and stick to the landwehr until they're done.

Monday, 17 November 2008

OSL Skel

Haven't posted much for a week or so, and not much activity gone on to be honest (due to work etc). So here's something i've been dabbling at for a little while.

I think I mentioned experimenting with the technique known as Other Source Lighting – where the lighting source comes from well, another place other than natural light – a while back. I'd been wanting to paint this fellow for ages, and I thought that the pose of the figure would lend itself to OSL quite well. So I lit the skull 'candle style' and tried to envisage where the light would fall and in what strength, and what colours the light would fade to. The figure isn't finished yet, but i'm quite pleased with the experiment. The photo was originally taken with a light background, would probably be best to set up the photo with a darker background when he is complete.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


No harm in posting him up here now, as this little guy is currently getting whipped in the first knockout stage of the Steve Dean painting competition, somewhat ironically, by a handful of other Germans from the eastern front. Personally, I think he's being a bit hard done by but I guess i'm being a bit biased!

He was an experiment for the Italian camo trousers really. I was really happy with the flesh tones and overall paintjob. Still, we'll have another go next time, if anything gets finished up this month.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Figometer Update (October 2008)

Managed 4 completed miniatures throughout October, which isn't bad at all considering i've been away on holiday, been to a weekend wedding, a weekend birthday away and am preparing to look after our first baby next year too!

Several more minis have been started or worked on to various stages of completion too. really got on with the Prussian Landwehr, but you can see that from recent posts. looking forward to getting hold of the Perry Bros French plastic Napoleonics, hopefully i'll be getting them at Christmas if i've been good.

Had a couple of nasty colds recently, where the cold has moved to my chest and caused me considerable discomfort. Is this an old age thing, harder to shrug off ailments? One good thing about the colder weather though, paints on the palette dont dry up for ages, blend ahoy!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Prussian Landwehr (6)

And here they all are. Still some way to go.

Landwehr Cross

Finally started the landwehr standard bearer last weekend. Painted him with NCO collar lace. Enjoying adding the mud to these chaps, have to be careful not to go too overboard though.

Same paints i'm using for my Prussians for the uniform, Citadel Regal Blue for the litewka, adding Coat d'Arms Shadow Grey (yes Grey) to the mix to highlight. Trousers are basecoated with Foundry Charcoal Black C, then higlighed with Arctic Grey A and B. Mud is a combo wash of Foundry Granite A and Spearshaft B.

Handpainting the banner on foil from a Sainsburys moussaka tray. Still deliberating on whether to paint on (with difficulty) the inscription 'with God etc..'. It doesn't really matter anyway, as there is very little recorded evidence of what Landwehr banners looked like.

Just noticed the sculpted thumb on his clasping hand look massive - guess it needs a firm join for the banner pole - it won't matter when the pole is attached. This is the ninth figure just about completed for this battalion. Only 15 to go.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Holidays in Eden

Just got back yesterday from our little holiday on the south coast. Took in the Isle of Wight, a visit to my brother in Plymouth and a couple of days in a beautiful clifftop B&B near Dartmouth. Weather was better than Summer, glorious sunshine for most of the time.Couple of places of Military interest I visited while on the I.o.W. The Needles Old Battery and the Military History Museum. Here's a couple of sets of pics of the Old Battery. It was built in the 1860s to defend the entrance to the Solent from enemy shipping. The tunnel to the searchlight is particularly interesting, the searchlight position is cut into the cliff face. Also of note, the first Anti Aircraft gun was tested here, having a pop at a ship-towed kite target out in the Solent. Well worth a visit.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Notes from a remote place (well, Ascot)

Am away on usher duties for my friend Rich's wedding, but hey they have wifi in this hotel. Up early and waiting to go for breakfast so thought i'd do a 'remote post'. Here's a couple of pics of the painting desk(s) up in Diniums loft. The main painting desk is on the left. The other desk is the wife's, but I commandeer it sometimes to sprawl my little empire onto it (its also often beaten back). You might be able to see an Optivisor hanging off the left hand table. Bought this for when my eyes start to fail.

A bit messy, but it's a lot messier these days. Added some bookshelves on the far wall since these were taken. The Daylight Company lamp (shining bright in the top photo) is a godsend, I can't recommend them enough. But I get really good natural daylight from the Velux window in the roof, behind where I sit.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Figometer Update (September 2008)

The nights are drawing in, and i've just had my first cold of the Autumn (always a nasty one), my chest has been rattling like a rusty old gate, better now though. Didn't stop me finishing the month 1 up on my target number of completed minis! 5 miniatures finished, thanks to last weekend's little spurt.

So am pleased with my efforts this last month. Spent quite some time on entries for competitions as well as working on a mix of different figure types, fantasy and historical. All round, a multifarious mix of camo schemes, drabs and Napoleonic colour flamboyance. Had a stab at Other Source Lighting too, an interesting way to work (in a good way). It makes you think about where the light would fall on the miniature and lots of colour blending involved too. I'll post it when it's finished.

Prussian Landwehr (5)

Cracked on with the Westphalian landwehr at the weekend. Started the Beardy guy here and another of his kinder, finished the muskets and added some more mud on several more. Next up for these guys (apart from more march attack poses) is the standard bearer. Still trying to batch paint them, which is fine with 2 at a time, but any more and I find i'm concentrating on one mini too much and before I know it i've neglected to move along to the next figure.

Monday, 15 September 2008


Had a good weekend at the painting desk, the weather was good for a change and lots of sun really helps detailing. Swung over to some World War two bits, so no Napoleonic work this week. Finished a couple of German figures, from Artizan Designs and Bolt Action Miniatures. No photos of the Artizan mini, but Finished the kneeling chap here, he's finally joined his riflemen buddies. Finished up a good session with some varnishing. Something i've been putting off 'cause it's boring, but yes yes, I know it's important to protect the handywork.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Prussian Landwehr (4)

....Also took a photo of the next two Prussian Landwehr on the production line. Lots of equipment still to paint here, with the facings to finish also. I might have that first base of six figures finished soon, ha ha right! I've started driving lessons again, so this means even less time for painting, plus it's starting to get dark earlier and earlier - so will have to choose my time wisely.

A Faint Trace of Something

Painted this 80's Citadel Ghost on Saturday. Fancied a change from the military themes to something out of the norm. Pleased with the colours, I mainly used the Foundry Tomb Blue C with blue inks. I Added the greenish hue (a wash of Green and Blue inks) to complement an otherwise 'boring' scheme. Coat d Arms Bogey Green added to the Tomb Blue C provided the highlights to the lower robes. I was surprised at how fast I painted it (just over 1 hour), I know the palette is limited but compared to the time it takes me to paint a Napoleonic figure, this was fast!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

New Napoleonics

Just seen these little guys on the Crusader Miniatures site. Looks like they're branching into the Napoleonics. Have to say I really like the sculpting. Very reminiscent of the earlier Foundry (Perry) French, much more filled out than the more 'realistic' figures in the present Perrys French range. Thats not to say I dont like the Perrys new figs, I have lots and they're fantastic. Will probably part with some cash for some of these guys though, they may complement my Foundry old boys well.


Monday, 1 September 2008

Figometer Update (August 2008)

Scourge of Summer Strikes. Not a Daily Mail headline, just the fact that its summer, or rather the end of it, and had virtually no time for painting. Lots of functions too attend (Weddings, BBQs, visits to friends in further fields etc...). Has been an exceptionally wet August too, think the Met office is about to announce its been the wettest since records began. Sure i've heard this one before though?!

So, apologies - the will has been there but not the timeframe - only the one Prussian Nap finished. The 2 Battalions of Line and Landwehr are slowly coming along. Almost got the first two six man bases for each of these finished. Slowwww ahead tho. Might get some time this weekend coming, just might.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Kitcheners Pal

Here's a few shots of my Great War tommy, recent runner up in the Steve Dean Painting Competition. He did me proud and was beaten only in the final by a worthy victor (a diorama from Agincourt by Sachsa Herm). I was very pleased with my palette choice and the dirty boots and putees. I used Vallejo Brown Violet 887 as a base for the uniform, followed by the Foundry Drabs.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Rotting undead lead

With my main source for graphic input to my blog still out of action, at least I can type text. Visited my parents back in Doncaster at the weekend. On Sunday I scurried up into the loft to collect a few minis (I still have a lot of older figures stored at my original 'home') to bring back to London with me. Namely a number of my old unprimed Citadel Miniatures Skeletons from the 80s. Sadly, it seems that five have developed what can only be that most feared disease for enthusiasts of our art - lead rot...

...The dullened grey metal, the unmistakable bubbling of details and that powdery stuff at the joints is there to see. I read an article on the problem once, about museums and their problems fighting this rot in ship models. Research by others into the occurrence has revealed that it is the lead rusting (an oxidizing action), as metals do, when exposed to moisture and a lack of air circulation.

The undead figures are not totally covered. Parts of a leg, a finger or the end of a weapon have contracted the rot. I have removed the affected figures from their healthy cousins and am about to duly scrub, clean and prime these guys for protection. Hopefully with some looking after I can nurse these guys back to some kind of health.

From now on, they'll be somewhere where they can breathe, and with as little atmospheric humidity as possible.

Oh, and because i'm going on about rotting lead - here's an undead horse i've been working on for years (started it in the 1990s), recently dug out from the crypt/loft. I like the way the horse hair appears all matted and like straw, suitably dishevelled. Still needs plenty of work doing to it. Might also finish the rider one day!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Digital Casualty Marker (Figometer July 2008)

Have had computer meltdown at work, my regular Mac has been shipped to a workshop somewhere in gloucestershire, along with the Figometer reprographics... so been very busy doing this and that trying to hold my fort at work with a less powerful machine. Not had time to fix up the latest Figometer stats but will sort it out as soon as possible, along with some latest WIP shots of the Prussians i'm working on. Modern life is rubbish, just give me an 00 paint brush!

Update (21st August): Added Julys Figometer, still no fixed computer but managed to cannibalise the Figometer graphic. Four little spuds completed, but August is looking very sorry for itself so far. I've only painted one musket and primed four figures... Can't get the time

Monday, 14 July 2008

Prussian Landwehr (3)

Cracked on with the Landwehr at the weekend, finished the officer and have almost finished the drummer. Painting the tiny prussian cockade on the front of the landwehr cap was fun, and I didn't attempt it until my eyes came online! A tip i'd say is to let your eyes become accustomed to the session for a while before painting any fiddly detail. Then I found there was a bit of casting missing from the bottom of the drum as I started to paint it. It's not too bad and he'll live. You can't really pick out these things after you've undercoated with black, no matter how much you try to adjust your eyes!

White trousers were painted first with Foundry Granite C, then the Arctic Grey Triad. I added my mud mix to the drummer too. This is a wash using Foundry Granite A and Spearshaft B, followed by a 'stippling' of pure Granite A. Trying not to overdo the mud effect though, so some guys will have a spash and some wont. Thanks to Blogger Martin ( for helping out with drum colour issues. There's now another batch of 4 more basecoated Landwehr ready to start on. Am trying to finish off my Dutch Militia Battalion at the same time...

Monday, 7 July 2008

Prussian Landwehr (2)

Not much of a tennis fan really, so no vegging in front of the tv this past weekend. But of course we can find work for idle hands... Had some DIY to do. Put up a huge blind in our bedroom - which involved drilling some masonry which was fun - and thats just about the last bit of work done on the flat and it does look very nice now. Somewhere in between all that, I put in some more work on my Prussian Landwehr infantry, notably on the officer and drummer. I finished the muddied trousers on the other chap too. Painted small dabs of Foundry Granite A over the softer washed out dirt effect. I think the result is rather pleasing.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Figometer Update (June 2008)

Well, i've let it slip a little in June, with only 2 figures painted. Summer should be the best time for painting - good long sunny days. Unfortunately, its also a good time for holidays and stag do's and Euro 2008 and spending time doing stuff outside the realm of being cooped up in Diniums Loft. Am quite sad that the Euro's have finished, even though England weren't in it, I really enjoyed getting home form work and lounging on the chaise longue with a bottle of bulmers watching it all pan out.

Anyway, I have managed to get an entry into the Steve Dean Painting Comp this month, and I am pleased with the finished figure. I'll post it up here when he's done battling.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Prussian Landwehr

Got some painting done over the weekend as I rested my feet. I got bad blisters and a gammy hip from my recent walk in the Highlands (Great Glen Way). Loved the break and the scenery, and the weather was good again for us. It only rained for an hour or so on the Tuesday morning, otherwise it was generally warm, sunny with the odd cloudy period. So anyway, it was good to lay up the feet and pick up the brush. Completed my entry for the Steve Dean Comp this month, just the base to finish so am happy i've managed to put one together. (even more astonished i've done this, with all the Euro 08 football on!)

And... as if I haven't enough half finished units, i've started my Prussian Napoleonic Landwehr battalion. I have a soft spot for these troops, though the uniform is simplistic - to me they look cool. Happy with how the two 'testers' are going here, wanted a good dark blue and tried not to 'work it up' too much. Only 22 to go. 2nd Westphalian Landwehr Regiment, 2nd Battalion.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Belgian Napoleonic Line Infantry Shako

Another addition to the Uniforms and Equipment area. This is a hotch potch of bits and pieces, I usually get the urge to draw these bits when working on the related figures. As i'm still toiling with my Dutch Belgian brigade, thought i'd add some more nice shakos.

The 'W' on the helmet plates is the monogram for William of Orange, sovereign of the Low Countries, whose son Prince William fought as an allied commander during the hundred days campaign in 1815.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Tommy Two

Oh, and despite the aching arm, which I shouldn't have aggravated really, I worked some more on the British tommy footballer last night for an hour or two. As I couldn't get hold of Vallejo English Uniform in time, I have used Foundry Drab A then Drab A+B to highlight the uniform, followed by a final highlight of pure Drab B in selected areas (the most raised details). Its a fairly poor photo that's not showing the tonal values very well, but started work on the 'wet' lower legs and boots too. I used a mix of Foundrys Granite A and Bay Brown A applied to the lower putees and boots, adding more Granite A and some Granite B to highlight for a damp look. I'm trying to get a similar appearance to the wetness in this Saving Private Ryan pic, like a 'grey' sheen. Still needs more work though.

Figometer Update (May 2008)

End of May and 3 figures completed. Several being worked on though. It's all the horses fault (taking ages to finish). I am going away on holiday next week so there'll be no updates over that time. Am off walking the Great Glen Way from Fort William to Inverness. We walked the West Highland Way a couple of years back and me old feet suffered terribly back then (soft skin, like a baby!). It's just as well i'm on hols, seem to have developed what I can only describe as an RSI in my right arm, its like dead arm, and I don't know if its from too much painting or from 'mouse hand' from my computer at work. At least a week away will rest it.

I hope the weather isn't too bad. I have trench waders just in case :-)

Monday, 26 May 2008


Bought a handfull of the Great War Miniatures er, miniatures when I went to Salute in April. Got round to starting them today. Here's a WIP pic. Nice fairly large sculpts with lots of character, this is the guy booting a football (into no mans land!).

The base colour I have used for the khaki is Vallejo Brown Violet 887. Will probably highlight it with one of the Foundry Drab triad. The webbing base colour is a 50/50 mix of Foundry Moss B and Storm Green B. I'll try to post some more pics of this guy as he progresses (could take some time!).

It has rained in London all day, but have managed almost a full working day of painting, tired but happy to have finished some other miniatures off. Another observation of note - Donny Rovers won the League One playoff against Leeds at Wembley yesterday - am very proud of them. It'll be Championship football for them in August. Probably be quite a shock I expect...

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Its my Birthday...

And all I got was this... Great book. Achtung Schweinhund! by Harry Pearson. Been wanting to read this for ages. Kindly bought for me by my inlaws. I'm sure many people who would find my blog interesting have probably read it aw hile ago but I just started it, and already I can see the inevitable parallels in it to my own life.

I did get other stuff of course. Although the postie hasn't delivered many cards (yet). Maybe I am that popular!

Katherine whisked me away to Madrid last weekend and I really enjoyed it. Its a shame the pound is so weak against the Euro at the moment, but things are generally cheaper over there. Took in some Flamenco at a world famous club (Corral de la Moreria) where they literally smashed up the wooden floor of the stage with their footwork (I suspect it is replaced very frequently). Even managed to squeeze in a look at the armour that's kept at the Palace Real. In 'painting life', i'm coming to the end of the recent projects with only the basing to do. Hopefully i'll be able to post some photos of this stuff soon. Adios

Friday, 9 May 2008

Figometer Annual Tally Report

Here it is, what we've all been dying to see.. the first annual Figometer results in graphic format ( heralded by a fanfare in the background from the Band of the Royal Marines... or, in reality, just a tiny passing moment marked only by the faint squeak of a mouse).

39. I painted 39 miniatures to completion over the last year since Figometer records began (May to May). I'll admit that there are around another 20 at various stages from just 'flesh undercoat' to near completion. As you can see, there was a massive dip over Nov-Dec 07 where nothing got painted. This was due to lots of Wedding and Honeymoon activity. It seems that over the year there were great spurts of painting followed by quieter periods, and no real 'average'.

Now that I see the total, it seems a bit like a small number in return for many many hours work. But hey, this is my hobby and who really cares how many and how long, I enjoy it and i'll just keep going. The target for the year was 48, and when I put it like that, 39 looks ok.

I'm determined to paint more this year. Gotta get them all done before my eyesight fails! But at this rate, i'll be dead long before the lead mountain has been excavated.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Work in Progress (May 08)

What Lovely sunny weather we're having, shame i'm stuck in the office, grr. I've not finished and photographed any miniatures for a little while, so here's some random shots of work in progress from the Franco-Prussian project. Recently been working on horses, experimenting with methods other than the 'oil wipe off'. I found I had to be disciplined to pay as much attention to the hoss as the rider and equipment, I think it's a common problem in the miniature painting world that there's this lack of love for painting the horse. Perhaps its due to the fact it is a larger surface area with little 'sharp' detail upon it.

Anyway, all I say is it takes me a fairly long time to paint up a 28mm horse, and extra stamina is needed to do so. But i'm happy with the way these particular figures are shaping up.

Just about all the figures I grabbed at Salute 08 are still in their blisters atop the lead mountain, with some figures in blisters from last years Salute!! To add to this madness the weather's hotting up outside and the acrylics are drying damn fast. And i've heard and seen evidence that the Perrys are bringing out plastic Napoleonics. It all getting very exciting and summer is just around the corner!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Figometer Update (April 2008)

Only managed two miniatures over April. I have been away a lot (including weekends), and life as you know, often gets in the way. I have painted odd bits in little sessions when i've got home after work, but with limited daylight (I prefer daylight) time only so much can be done. A pattern seems to be emerging where my performance is good over one month then fairly bad the next. Anyway, hopefully will get more done in May.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

French Lancer, 1870-71

Been working on some of my French lancers. I've found Its difficult to get lots of resource materials for the french cavalry of th Franco-Prussian war. I have the Ospreys on the subject, but they tend to be a tad vague. I know the czapka was replaced by the kepi during the republican phase of the war, and this figure is wearing the 1868 regulation tunic (the earlier kurta had the traditional plastron) though many units wore the earlier tunic. Making lances for these guys at the moment, so he's not quite finished. Experimenting with horses too, I used to be an advocate of the oil paint wipe off method, here I have used ink washes and some shading. I'm going to keep trying different styles with them I think.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

My Salute 2008 Shopping Haul

Got all the stuff I wanted to at this years Salute at London ExCel. Saw some pretty cool games going on, and some very impressive scenery. I had a hangover and the weather was overcast, but that didn't stop my enjoyment of a Square pie and mash at lunch. Strangely the hangover was one of those that gets worse during the day, even after food, so after a quick squizz at the painting competition entrys (which were very very good) we scarpered. I had to go to bed for an hour when I got home, I felt that ill. Perhaps it was lead poisoning instead!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Angry little man

This little guy just got knocked out of the Steve Dean Painting Competition. He did well, made it to the quarter finals only to get supremely bashed up by a superbly painted Henry V. Am happy though because he was a fantasy mini, and a Games Workshop one at that and he held up well against the historicals. I love that old range of Chaos Dwarves from the 80s, and am really happy with the ginger beard green armour combo I decided on. Anyway, now its back to the historicals...

Monday, 31 March 2008

Figometer Update (March 2008)

Well, an eventful month this March has been. Helped by not going away for the Easter break, I managed to get more done than I thought I would. The equivalent of 7 miniatures finished. I say the equivalent because i'm counting an artillery piece and a hoss as a figure each too. I also cracked on with several other minis in various stages of completion.

On a sad note, my favourite brush (which some may or may not be surprised to know was a Foundry pure sable) is on its last legs, old faithful has served very well for three years but it's time to retire to the reserves and let some freshly groomed sable enter the ranks. I have been painting with Windsor and Newton Series 7 for a while too, alongside my other Foundry brushes and they're performing very well.

Looking forward to Salute now, it is only three weeks away. Time to write out a small shopping list!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

French Gunners

Been busy working on my Franco-Prussian war French Artillery and a couple of cavalry figures. Painted these French chaps a considerable time ago (well, several years ago!) and these days I wouldn't paint the slightly large bug eyes this big. Have to go back and tidy up the gun axles too.

I find I have to raise my concentration game to paint cavalry and artillery as it takes so much longer to complete them, and I really need a break after about 2 hours solid painting. Got in a lot of brush work over Easter though, and completed 7 figures so the Figometer is going to look fairly healthy for March.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Prussian Infantry

4 days off 'real' work and hoping to get a couple of good painting sessions in over Easter weekend. The wife is away so its time to stock up on food and hole up in the loft tomorrow. Here's a shot of recent brush activity, couple of marching Prussian infantry. You're probably thinking the basing lets them down a little. Looks luminous in the photo but its not like that in real life. Its a flocking (flocking not f*cking! )formula i've been using since 1990 (when I started these Franco-Prussian armies) and for consistency i'm sticking with it. I envisage some kind of wargaming with these boys later in life and the bases needed to be sturdily painted so thats why there is no static grass that could get mangled up.

Monday, 3 March 2008

German Signaller

Did some DIY at the weekend so not much time for the hobby except for some basing, but here's a pic of my entry to the current Steve Dean Painting Competition. He's just been knocked out in round three. I had hoped he would get to the quarter finals but hey, thats life! Was a great figure to paint and I really enjoyed it, especially the signal patch, didn't think my hand would hold steady but it did! Field grey is difficult to make look interesting. I painted his field blouse as an earlier war version (M1940), with a greener hue than the later tunics. I think it made a nice contrast with the rest of the uniform.

Friday, 29 February 2008


Well, started 4 figures this month, and completed two of them (the Prussian Napoleonics). The other two are not far behind. I was away last weekend and have been busy during the week so didn't get the chance to finish up. I spent rather alot of time working on the Sd Kfz 251 though which surely counts for something... but its not a figure is it, and its not quite finished! Spending some time with the wife and some DIY this weekend coming, so things will be on the back burner until next week probably.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

SdKfz 251/9 Schutzenpanzerwagen Part II

SdKfz 251/9 Schutzenpanzerwagen Part I

Ok, this is something else i've been working on. Vehicles have never been my strong point as I think i've said before. but I wanted to try something different and to get some armour to beef out the German and US infantry i've been painting very slowly over the last year. I thought i'd put together a guide showing the highs and maybe the lows of my endeavours in putting a vehicle together. I've always been a bit fond of the classic German halftrack design and one with a nice gun perched on top of it would suit me fine.

With this in mind, the Bolt Action Miniatures Stummel was the vehicle for me. Here's the first part of the guide. I've almost finished the halftrack, but it may take some time to post up the rest of the guide.