Grenadier Battalion Kirchebetter

These two are the other minis that I finished last weekend. Fancied a bit of a change from the Prussian blue, what's better than Austrian white! Painted as grenadiers from Infantry Regiment 37. They have red bags on the cap, leaning towards an earlier formation (maybe around the time of Asspern-Essling) rather than later when yellow became the order of the day. There will be eight of these fellows in the battalion, along with 16 others from two other regiments. (note: Austrian grenadiers were 'pooled' together into battalions from three regiments, and operated independently of their parent formations, so that's why there's only 8 of each in my battalion).


airhead said…
Bit of a blog fest going on at the moment, keep up the good work. Love the skin tones you get so consistently.

James said…
Hey those mixed battalions sound more interesting than doing 24 all the same.
Keep up the pace. Wish I could do the same-all painting has stopped probably till Christmas.