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Austrian Casualty

West Prussians

King's German Legion

Figometer Update (November 2009)

WIP West Prussian Fahnentrager

WIP West Prussian

WIP Austrian casualty

Austrian Napoleonic Uniforms

Helion and Back

Daylight lamp update

Daylight lamp

West Prussian Drummer (WIP)

Daylight Deadlight

Painted something


WIP – Prussian Officer and More 8th Dutch Militia

Interesting Read

Figometer Update (June 2009)

US Marines in the Pacific

1806 Prussians

SdKfz 251/9 Schutzenpanzerwagen Part IV

1806 Prussians (WIP)

Figometer Annual Tally Report

Baby Isla Jean Ward

Figometer Update (April 2009)

8th Dutch Militia

Dutch Belgian OOB

Austrian Artillery Piece

Figometer Update (March 2009)

French Mitrailleuse

Austrian Artillery Crew

Figometer Update (February 2009)

February Figures

SdKfz 251/9 Schutzenpanzerwagen Update

Figometer Update (January 2009)

Work in Progress (January 09)

Mid January report

In 1812

Figometer Update (December 2008)