Austrian Artillery Crew

Started these chaps a long long time ago. Did some more work on them over the weekend. I would have painted the flesh differently if i'd started them now, but hey ho. Hopefully will get them finished pronto and based with the gun which has sat forlorn on my desk for so long. Also got alot of work done on my new vignette, which i'm really pleased with so far. No pics until it's finished though. More on that later.


James said…
I love the satisfaction of finishing up things that have been hanging around. These look great, very colourful and full of character.

Foundry as usual?
Dinium said…
Yep, they are Foundry chaps. There's something about the Austrian uniforms. All that white and the odd brown, you'd think it'll look boring, but I think they look great, very resplendent.
airhead said…
Very nice, up to your usual high standard. I would be more than happy if my flesh tones ended up looking like those. You should put your vignette in the SD comp, give Sascha a bit of competition.


Dinium said…
Very kind comments airhead, thank you. The vignette is my secret weapon for competition 24, if I get it finished, lots of basework to do..