1870 Bavarian Artillery

Austrian Napoleonic Line Infantry Musicians

The Witching Hour – Figometer Update

Painting Bavarian Artillery 1870-71 Part 1

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Old Bones

Change is as good as a rest (II)

Change is as good as a rest

Another good weekend

A Good Weekend

Dutch Militia WIP

Lead Mountain Update (July)

Austrian Napoleonic Hungarian Line Infantry

The problem with drummers

Broken Arrow


Austrian Napoleonic Line Infantry Coat 1898-1808

Austrian Napoleonic Line Infantry Headgear (1)

Lead Mountain Update (June)

WWII Colour Guide 2

Taking Hits

Bring up the reserves!


Leibfahne or Bataillonsfahne, that's the question

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WWII Colour Guide 1

Tales from the Crypt

Lead mountain update (2) ...and some undead samurai that have risen from the er, dead

They paint horses don't they?

Lead mountain update (1)

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They Live...