Lead mountain update (1)

A Figometer update on the reduction of the lead mountain. Well, almost the end of May and only 3 miniatures painted. There has been some undercoating and some basing activity but I know that's a secondary affair...

Oh and I've bought 7 more miniatures off ebay, which means the lead mountain is in fact back into the red at -4. Arrgh. The struggle continues

Had a bad back from sitting in the car for 4 and a half hours on Sunday, but I wasn't driving it I hasten to add (K was). She's out tonight and the back feels good enough, so its maybe a good time to tackle some bits in the loft tonight.


Anonymous said…
One of these days your gonna get organazized Dinium. Like so many things in life remember; its not the thought of painting, its the taking part. Here's to seeing the Figometer sway back into the green.