Lead mountain update (2) ...and some undead samurai that have risen from the er, dead

Mission accomplished for the month of May.

Figometer is upto 4 for the month of May, i'm safe in the commitment stakes - Varnished a Dutch militia officer, he's technically finished but he still needs matt varnishing, no pic at moment but he's all but done, honest. Will probably have a picture by Saturday.

So following on the recent undead theme.. these aren't exactly fresh paintjobs but here's something completely different. Classic Citadel undead samurai, named Bek and Gi originally. A great range of figures long out of production. Tested my Vallejo reds on 'Gi' and I liked the outcome. Vallejo Scarlet is a really good red, nice and vibrant. Why should undead figures always be dressed in dirty old tatters!!

I've bought a few of the Coat D Arms paints, my old Citadel colour Bleached Bone is sadly no more and in my quest to get the right replacement colour i've gone for these as i'm told Coat D Arms are the original Citadel colours rebranded. Think the postie has them for me today so i'll be testing them very soon on my pile of lead bones.