They Live...

So here we are, my blog is born. Am aiming to post up stuff i'm painting, so as to have some record of whats produced from all that time I spend hunkered down over my little Ikea desk in my loft. This stuff is probably not of much interest to most viewers, and probably seems sad to some, but it keeps me off the street and is a relaxing outlet which takes me many miles away from everyday stresses of 'normal life'.

I started painting white metal miniatures around 1984, but the modelling ‘thing’ goes back further to the good old airfix plastics, to a time when my dad used to put my kits together and paint my soldiers all sorts of weird and wonderful colours. I'll be posting up some pics soon. (This is weird, like i'm talking to myself, which I am?!).

I often wonder if i'll get back problems from insane postures whilst painting, and RSI in later life from gripping small paintbrushes. There's only one way to find out..

Lets get to it.


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