Painting is down to a trickle at the moment, maybe its the humid weather, or maybe its because i've always got something on at the weekend at the moment. This guy was one of last months finished minis, was particularly pleased with his face. Got round to painting his base last night, along with some others. Am feeling a shift to working on the Napoleonic Dutch Belgian Militia battalion coming on. Painting too much white can warp the mind...


leatherneck20 said…
Hey there I love your white cooler on your Austrian. I personally like good German Helmets better but I think your troops look great. Austrian troops are some of my favorite troops and I want to start to paint an Austrian Battalion sometime soon, but I am a new painter. Maybe you could give some tips or some real close up pictures showing how to the highlights for the white.

Good luck with all your paintings
Dinium said…
Hi there Leatherneck20,

Thank you for your kind comments about my Austrians. I am fond of the Helmets they wore, problem with me is that I prefer the later Napoleonic era (from around 1806) and as this was when the Austrians started introducing the shako, that's my main focus for my army.

I will be squeezing in a battalion of troops in the early helmet though, for some extra variety!

The white is created with the Foundry triad system (I don't know if you're aware of it).

The triad system uses three shades of a colour: a darker shade, the base colour and a highlight. (in this case with my Austrians, the colour is 'Arctic Grey', and its three shades are A, B and C).

From a black undercoat, the darker shade colour is applied (A), working through (B) to the highlight (A). As a fourth extra layer, I will use white on highlighted areas.

I often post on Steve Deans forum, I don't know if you're aware of it, but many of us painters on there use the Foundry system. And there's alot of tips there too. There is a link to it on my blog homepage.

If you need any more pointers or help, please let me know, I know how hard it is to paint but stick at it, practice really does make perfect. And check back here too, as i'll be posting more progress!

leatherneck20 said…
Thanks for the advice I am an ok painter still working on the shading and highlights.

I was wondering do you buy you Foundry Austrians from Foundry or do you know any places that might sell them cheaper?

I have always loved the Austrians but white has always been a hard color to paint for me but I am getting better at it, if I can find Austrians from foundry or maybe even front rank I will try to start on a battalion of German Infantry.

I also like your Perry Dutch troops I have the command set with the Generals and staff maybe you would like to trade for a few Austrians, but anyways good luck with the paintings I love them !
Dinium said…
I got most of my Austrians from Foundry back in the early 90s! Thats how long i've been painting them.. very slowly!

I think that Foundry have withdrawn them from the website for now, although they are apparently to be made available in the next historical catalogue. I think if you call them though, you may be able to order specific models from the range over the phone.

Re. your question: i'm afraid that I dont know of any other stockists for Foundry figures. I know the postage is steep, its best to save for a while then buy in bulk.

Thanks for the offer of a trade, but unfortunately all those Austrian minis I have are needed to fill out my battalions. In fact i'll be looking to buy more myself in the near future.

Keep up the painting, and all the best