Austrian Napoleonic Line Infantry Coat 1898-1808

The Austrian uniform of the period was unfussy, but elegant and smart, and for the most part, didn't change too dramatically throughout the whole period. One reason for its good quality uniforms was that Austria's economy was stronger than most of France's enemies (Prussia, for example, crippled by French terms after 1806, relied heavily on British subsidies). To have such uniformity in dress and quality is all the more remarkable when noting that Austria almost constantly put men in the field against Imperial France throughout the period. Regimental esperit de corps and pride in dress was emphasised. As Philip Haythornthwaite describes in his book (Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (1), (Osprey Publishing)) "ranks from feldwebel upwards (were) urged to set an example, and never to appear in a uniform other than that prescribed by regulations".