Austrian Napoleonic Line Infantry Musicians

I'm back after some serious silent running. But, with my wedding only 2 and a half weeks away, (i'm awash with lots of bits of planning being done, tons of day job work etc) i've been unable to paint anything much at all and I dont think i'll get to paint anything substantial until January! Yes the Bavarian artillery minis are finished but I just can't find the time at the moment to photograph them and paste up the final part of the painting guide.

I have, however, got artwork to add to the Uniforms and Equipment posts though. A little bit about Austrian musicians. Right, am off to shed some weight (through sweat!) watching England huff and puff against Croatia at Wembley... (on my tv screen)...


Dinium said…
England 2 Croatia 3.
And England huffed and puffed... and lost. We simply were'nt good enough throughout qualifying. It's a shame but not going to Euro 2008 will be good for us - get some focus back and stop swaggering like we're better than we really are. Hats off to Beckham though, always strives to give 110%.