Leibfahne or Bataillonsfahne, that's the question

After an enjoyable and busy weekend involving family getting hitched, I finally got round to an hour or so of painting last night, before Springwatch ;-).

It was pretty hot up in the rafters, paint like tar, but managed to fill out the flesh areas and put the eyes in on a couple of...wait for it... Austrian line infantry, flavour of the year! No pics but am posting up the unfinished 6 pounder gun and crew to add to the Hapsburg Gallery as thats all I got to hand right now. The gun was painted with the Foundry Ochre colours, some elements were carefully drybrushed to bring out the grain in the wood. I should get around to finishing that BEFORE finishing the Dutch Belgians BEFORE I start on the Prussians.... Arrgh! Fiddling about with the Austrian standard bearer from last week too... The 'barbers pole' staff awaits me.