Tales from the Crypt

Here's those undead cavalry I was touching up. Still need to do some revarnishing on them. Thinking of whether to matt varnish or Satin varnish as they were originally. I put down the paintjob on these a long long time ago, before I hung up my paint brushes in the early 90s... Think I copied the 'uniform' on one of them from the cover of the Citadel Journal way back in the late 80s.

I seem to have spent most of my time painting bases and touching up recently. Maybe its the warm weather, it's had me opening the loft window and its been drying my paint quicker than i'd like so perhaps thats why i've been taking on the more palatable option of basing, or...

Think i'm turning into Retroman, all this revisiting old miniatures - i'm revisiting old music too, and find myself thinking of the smell of school dinners more often than i'd care to admit. Perhaps there's alot to be said about this modern life and a longing for your youth, or maybe its just something natural we do when we get to the age of 33.

But It's time to crack on with some fresh paintjobs and I can hear the Austrian Napoleonics calling. Perhaps tomorrow i'll push on with that project, plenty of those little fellows to bring to life.