The Witching Hour – Figometer Update

The clocks have gone back, its Halloween and the dead haunt the dark as the nights draw in even more... Well, all this really means to me is less time for painting with good old natural light!

Sadly, i've no undead pics to paste in! But it is time for me to post the Figometer tally for the past month of October. The 4 Bavarian artillerymen are finished, just need basing, I have also completed another mini, so the total is 5. I spent a little more time painting this last mini than I would normally. Think i'll be entering this chap in the Steve Dean painting competition so more details about him later but i'd say that i'm very happy with the finished article.

Speaking of finished articles, as is always the problem when work gets in the way, the conclusion to the Bavarian Artillery painting guide will be hopefully posted soon (when the basing is done).