News from the picket

My Austrian Napoleonic Jager officer got trounced in Steve Deans painting competititon first round this month so I thought i'd post him up here now. Was happy with him though, especially the bicorne.

Painting some (Franco-Prussian War) Bavarian gunners and field piece at the moment, progressing well they are too after a quiet weekend bitting and bobbing at them. As ever, I have forgotten to take some pics but will do v soon. Maybe i'll do that tonight, as I am especially happy with the faces.

I think i'm going to have a stab at my Bolt Action resin 251 Stummel soon. It has been sitting on the painting desk for some time. Always a bit daunted by vehicles but this is a lovely piece. Think I might put it up as a photo project so people can have a laugh at its progress! Worried about winterising it.

Some Napoleonic Prussian infantry came up to buy on ebay, but being too poor at the moment, I had to let them slip. Real shame as they were the march attack poses i'm really after too!