Change is as good as a rest

Back from my weeks 'rest' and Stag. Spent some time in Scotland at the Connect music festival (horrible weather reduced campsite to a muddy mire that looked very much like some WWI battlefield) climbed a Munro (Ben Lomond) and enjoyed the fine cooking of my fiancee's mum (including a fine bacon sandwich eevry morning!).

I survived my stag in York with 15 'comrades' relatively intact, Weather was great and held myself up well in drinking terms. Obviously I was forced to wear a dress (including 'pearls') and run the gauntlet of 30 people blasting away at me on the paintball battlefield...but i'm still alive!

Well, back to the 'job'. I've found rotating what i'm painting much more enjoyable than sitting block painting one battalion of minis at a time, so here's a bit of evidence of some recent alternative paintjobs. My Franco-Prussian War miniatures have been a long time project, here's a couple of Wurttemberg infantrymen.