Lead Mountain Update (July)

Oh dear, the last post on the bugle etc. Only one mini painted to comlpletion in July. Well, the carry over into August is now 8 figures... I just need a couple of solid days' painting this month. I have several Dutch Naps near completion, honest. Maybe i'll paint up a couple of fantasy figures this month to get back on track. Napoleonics really are time consuming, but its the love of the uniforms that appeals to me so i'll soldier on.

On a side note, saw Transformers last night and while the story was shaky in places (kids appeal factor, and some cheese) it was enjoyable. We got VIP tickets and had a few beers whilst watching it in our 'box', which was a nice extra. The opening scenes of the film were excellent, as was the showdown, and the effects we're amazing throughout, I recommend it.


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