French Mitrailleuse

Whilst we're on the subject of painting artillery at the moment, here's a French mitrailleuse from my FPW collection. Painted last year, photographed and then placed with the other chaps in the relevant box. Was about the time I began putting some more effort into blending. I was especially pleased with the gun itself, in particular the brass work and fittings. Wanted a worn in look and was happy with the results.


airhead said…
Great looking group, your FPW pictures are ideal inspiration for my 10mm pendraken armies when they arrive on the painting bench. If you don't mind me asking, what colours do you use for the coat and trousers of your French and Prussians?


Dinium said…
That's the holy grail that is! I used to use Citadel Marine Dark Blue, until they stopped making it. The blue is now a mixed affair. I have had good results on the French with Foundry Dark Blue (see my French Lancer as well as the mitrailleuse crew).

But for the Prussians' darker coats, I use Foundry Dark Blue A, with Black and Red added, and highlight by adding a light blue-grey (like Citadel Space Wolf Grey).

Bit long winded, but I can't find a stand alone dark blue that i'm happy with for the Germans. Hope this helps you.
Dinium said…
trousers: The prussians grey ones are Foundry Charcoal Grey, starting with Charcoal grey B and Black.

Can't remember the french gunners trouser mix, but I remember adding blue to the grey. I'll try and dig out the mix for you (I write them all down, bit sad I know).

French red trousers are Vallejo Carmine. Then some Vallejo Hull Red added to it for dark creases. Highlighted with Vallejo Scarlet (which is really nice and bright).
airhead said…
Thanks for the info Dinium, keep up the good work.

All the best
hussarbob said…
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