WIP West Prussian Fahnentrager

Started the colour bearer for my 2nd Battalion 1st West Prussians (IR Nr 6). The first battalion's colour had a white background with the black eagle on a green field, the second battalion carried the colour shown here. The staffs these colours were nailed to were, as far as I can tell, painted white for both battalions.

Having no desire to freehand the flag at the moment, I reckon i'm going to print and use this rendering of the flag, photoshopped up a bit. It might look a bit crap and basic at 'normal' size, but when it is shrunken down to about 3cm, and worked up with a little acrylic paint it will look fine.

When this chap is complete there'll only be one more officer to paint and the rest will be rank n file, I really want to finish these guys (along with the Dutch militia and Landwehr) so I can move to other units.


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