WIP West Prussian

I've almost finished this chap too. Dressed in a reservist shell jacket with faded facings and lacking a good musket and pack, and non regulation overalls - probably made from a sack! I have included a couple of these figures in my 6th Regiment battalion to add some flavour and slight shabbiness to the unit.


Schrumpfkopf said…
I think this is too much of a "rag-tag" appearance for regulars really.

Beautiful paintjob tho!
Dinium said…
Thanks for your comment Schrumpfkopf, what I like about this hobby is it's all open to interpretation.

So, I don't think it's too rag tag, he's there to spice things up in a unit of very similar sculpts - he lost his pack and ripped his overalls on campaign.



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