Figometer Update (June 2009)

Finished the two Prussian 1806 Jagers last month. Painting has taken a hit from the fatherhood flank attack and undercoating sessions that used to be done on arrival home from work are now replaced with baby bathtime and bedtime story. Managed to start three more minis last week, and hope to finish them this month! We'll see what happens. The weather isn't really helping either at the moment, I love the sun, but it's hard to use acrylics when the temperature is 31 degrees!!

Something i've noticed about me recently - I used to hate tennis, now I watch Wimbledon like it's the last show on earth. I think it's just wind-down time after Isla goes in the crib, so I guess it's understandable to sit in front of the box motionless for a while.

Incidentally, I got bored with my plain background on the blog, so experimented with a scroll thing to make it look a bit more less -stark, and added a couple of 'chaps' in the wings. I quite like the results.