WIP – Prussian Officer and More 8th Dutch Militia

These guys have come out well, considering I was frustrated by the weather - Getting home from work at 6.30pm this week, I have only had around an hour and a half of real daylight time to supplement my daylight lamp, and almost each evening a huge black sodding cloud (sometimes with drizzle) has darkened the painting session and made things alot more difficult to paint.

The two dutch militiamen will bring the grand total of finished minis for the battalion to 12, that's halfway. Packs, musket, canteen, feet and shakos to finish up here.

Finally got round to starting the officer for my battalion of West Prussians too. Only the boots and sword/scabbard to finish here now. The undercoat of humbrol matt black let me down on this little chap, and has made painting even more difficult (adherence issues). For some reason the undercoat (even after the required shaking and stirring) went on in a satin finish. I bought him on ebay and can only think the problem may have been perhaps some residue from stripping, but then again, I cant remember if the model had been stripped! Anyway, subsequent models undercoated with the same humbrol black have turned out fine.

With the baby and mum away, that's all I could manage to paint.

I was sad to hear of supercentenarian Henry Allingham passing away last weekend, at the grand old age of 113. He was the oldest survivor of the First World War, served at Jutland and the sole surviving member of the Royal Naval Air Service.


airhead said…
Very nice painting, top looking skin tones. Will look stunning when all based up as a unit.


James said…
All excellent as usual. I tried undercoating in Humbrol black enamel for a little while but did not stick with it. I did not see any advantage in it, and it was greasy and smelly.
I went back to undercoating with normal black acrylic, I have never had any problems.
Giles said…
Excellent - might I ask what blues you use on the Dutch-Belgian tunics?

Best wishes

Dinium said…
Thanks Giles. The blue is a base of Vallejo Prussian Dark Blue. Subtle highlights were done by mixing it with successive amounts old GW Space Wolf Grey (still have a pot!), although a light blue-grey (Coat d-Arms Shadow Grey) would get the same result. I'm careful not to add any white, keeps it all nice and dark.

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