8th Dutch Militia

Had a productive two weeks. Cracked on with the 8th militia as you can see. Coming up on half the battalion finished. Been waiting around for the baby to be born you see, so with not going out anywhere, except for walks, i've picked up the brush more often than I would have.


airhead said…
Excellent stuff Dinium, will look stunning when they are based up as a unit.

All the best to you and Mrs Dinium for the coming days. Have fun, they don't stay little for long.

All the Best

James said…
Lets hope you get another couple of weeks of painting yet then....or maybe the tension might be too much by then..

Good luck for the coming birth, tell your wife enjoy it and don't worry.
Giles said…
Lovely work, and best wishes to you and Mrs Dinium for the next few days.

Dinium said…
Thanks guys, for the mini comments and your well wishes for us and the imminent arrival. Still waiting for him/her to pop out, hope its soon!
Purple Bavarian said…
Great pictures. What was the colour pallette you used? I'm planning to paint some 1815 Dutch Belgian troops.

Many congrats on the arrival of young Isla Jean: I don't think you're going to be doing much painting for a while.
Dinium said…
Hi Purple Bavarian,

Have hung up my brush for a while in favour of R&R from baby when I can. Hope i'll get back in the saddle later this year.

Main colours used on my Dutch militia:

The blue is Vallejo Prussian Dark Blue. Subtle highlights were done by mixing it with successive amounts old GW Space Wolf Grey (I still have a pot!), but any light blue-grey would work I reckon.

Foundry Charcoal Grey pallette for the trousers, using the B shade as the base colour, and adding a little black to the A shade for the creases.

The skin tones are my usual formula, Vallajo red Letaher basecoat followed by GW Dwarf Flesh, then GW Dwarf Flesh mixed with GW Elf Flesh. Final highlights with Elf Flesh and a little white.

Orange Facings painted with the Foundry Orange pallette.