1806 Prussians (WIP)

There have been stirrings in the loft. The stirring of paint. My baby and wife are away this week, taking a break with the in-Laws up in Walberswick, Suffolk. A very nice place of the world that is, by the way. On the one hand i'm missing the wife and my new daughter very much, on the other hand - i've found a little time to paint something.

It was my birthday a few weeks back, and in amongst my presents, there was a little box from my mate Dave, (who isn't a miniature collector/wargamer in any way). He'd bought me a pack of the new early Foundry Prussian Jagers with a note inside saying here's something new to paint. There has been alot of negative critisicsm of the Michael Percy sculpts, and i'll add myself that they are not up there with say, the Perrys, Mr Barton of AB and the Front Rank bloke. But they are definitely not the worst figures out there, and Mr Percy seems to be getting better with time and practice. I also understand its a cost thing that makes peoples blood boil with Foundry, and while I wouldn't necessarily buy this range myself, I decided to paint these guys up because they were a present and to get something different painted in the brief time I have available.

Only the weapons, gaiters/boots and plume to finish now. I will say that some of the figures have a cartoonish anatomy, though some are alot better than others, and there is a slight tendency for creating sausage arms by the sculptor, but I would say that Mr Percys faces created here are quite well done. These two little guys were quite a joy to paint, and I think they would stand up well against many of their contemporaries.


airhead said…
Nice to see you getting a chance to do some painting. Up to your usual very high standard.

Nice entry in the current SD painting comp, saw me off in no uncertain terms. (If my painting radar is not deceiving me.) Must be a certainty for the semi finals at least.

All the best to the family.

Dinium said…
Thanks Airhead, was surprised to get the opportunity to paint.

Your painting radar is indeed correct, and i'd guessed yours too from the style and content, it's a really nice little piece. Good luck for the rest of the comp mate.