In the absence of painting anything for 3 weeks, here are some pics of my visit to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight hangar at RAF Conningsby. I recommend a visit here, you can get a good look at the kit they've got up close, though you cant climb all over the aircraft, but you get a very informative guided tour by ex pilots. There's the constant roar of Typhoons flying outside too.

In my anal way of photographing just about everything, included in the pics here are a standard WWII blind flying panel, a TR 1154 radio transmitter from bomber command, a gun camera, and they have a nice little model of a Beaufighter in the visitors centre too. In all, the BBMF operate 2 Hurricanes, a Dakota, the Lancaster, 5 Spitfires and two Chipmunks. One of the Spits was out on the apron when we had a look, but I didn't ask if it'd been up that day.


airhead said…
Top looking trip, just my type of attraction, if your ever in the West Midlands you should have a look at the Aerospace Museum at RAF cosford. Great collection of aircraft and a very funkey new cold war museum with T55 tank and BMP1 apc.

My youngest brother is serving on a Typhoon squadron, seems to spend most of his time just outside Los Vegas in the desert blowing stuff up! Hard life in the RAF.

All the best

Dinium said…
If I get over Cosford way, i'll definately have a look see airhead.

Your brother must love it flying fast jets. I'm very envious, the sight and sound of them and the power they possess amazes me. I watched four Typhoons tearing around the skies above Skegness while I was in Lincolnshire, then the red arrows flew over and straight out to sea.

You might have noticed no painting for a while, the will is there but my little Isla is taking most of my time, and work is constantly busy at the moment.
airhead said…
Hi Dinium, little brother would love to be one of the few, but he is one of the many(ground crew)he has been up once and lost his lunch.

Good to hear you are busy at work, what with present economic conditions out there.
Giles said…
"In the absence of painting anything for 3 weeks..."

Grief. As a father-to-be with 3.5 months left to go now, I am carefully watching how much painting time you get once a kidlet arrives!

Best wishes

Dinium said…

I've almost finished three mini's over the last 6 weeks but its dried up now. Playing/feeding and settling down my Isla is taking all my time right now. It's worth it mate, of course, but get those minis you really want to do finished in these last few months before your little one arrives!