Baby Isla Jean Ward

Isla Jean Ward arrived at 10.35am on Sunday the 26th April, and I have to say it was the happiest day of my life. She's now settling in well at chez Ward and we've been out and about (she likes the pram) and seen quite alot this past week. Mummy is now feeling a lot more human after a long labour, and I think we're coping very well with the big adjustment to life Isla brings. Its been a steep learning curve but I can wield the nappy better than my 00 brush and change, burp and bathe the little one as if a veteran of many campaigns (well, almost).

Hijacking my mini blog here's some proud dad pics. Blowing a bubble with mummy, grumpy face and getting a manicure!

It's tiring but great, and for a little while at least my hobby will have to take a back seat (mind you, I painted the face of a mini last week while Isla got a feed, sneaked that one in!!). As MacArthur said, 'l shall return'.


James said…
Congratulations to you and your wife! Welcome to the world Isla Jean. When your blog went quiet I figured this is what was happening.
Dinium said…
Thanks James. She's a little bundle of joy, it's the tiredness that is difficult to get used to, trying to snatch as much sleep here and there as we can. Hope not to neglect the blog too much over the coming weeks.
James said…
I hate to break it to you but neither of you will EVER sleep the same again.
You sort of get used to playing catch-up.
Kids age you though. I mean look at me I never used to look like this
Giles said…
Many congratulations!

airhead said…
Congratulations to you all, you have a whole genre of early morning kids TV programs to discover together, I get quite nostalgic for Barney the big purple dinosaur on occasions.

All the best Airhead
Dinium said…
Thanks for the congrats guys. The flat is almost totally pinkified. There's one small corner holding out in the loft though, it's got paints and little figs with pointy bits on them...!