Figometer Annual Tally Report

46. I've managed to beat last years total output by 7 figures, an improvement but still 2 short of the target. Not missing the painting at the moment really, little Isla easily fills the void left by not picking up the brush, and sleep does for the rest. Still visiting the forums and dreaming of getting figure related stuff for my birthday though, but general funding for purchases of the hobby kind are very limited, taken over by baby wipes, cotton wool balls and stocks of nappies.


James said…
That is a good total considering the amount of care and the quality of your painting.
I mean, I might have painted 2-3 times that but mine are nowhere near as good
Dinium said…
You're probably right James, I guess it is a good tally, just wish I could bear to 'speed paint' but I can't. Maybe limited time from now on may force a change...

...Or maybe by the time Isla is 5 perhaps i'll have painted 5 new minis at my current speed!

I was sat up with her last night watching Master and Commander, what more could I ask for!