February Figures

Life has got in the way a bit recently, preparing for a baby and plotting a flat extension. Been buying all the paraphernalia for a child, Car seats, cots, nappies, changing mats etc etc. Our baby is due in April and it's getting nearer and getting more exciting. I should be able to make it to Salute again this year, as it's in March, and that could be the last huzzah for figure spending for a little while! I have managed to finish two Franco-Prussian figures this month. Another Bavarian for the collection and a Turco in winter kit. I doubt i'll have the chance to up the painting tally for February any more. My very limited time has meant the Napoleonic diorama is still on hold as is just about everything else.


James said…
Great work. If possible, I believe that your shading and blending is getting even better and more natural looking.

I am just about to restart painting again after 5 (or is it 6?) months of inactivity because of work and stuff.

Good luck with the new arrival.
Dinium said…
Thanks James. I think you may be right. These days i'm trying to get more natural highlights on the figure rather than just highlighting any which way. I guess it's using the OSL knowledge I picked up last year and trying to implement it generally.

And good luck with picking up the brush again, guarantee you'll feel refreshed when you do. I'd like to see some more of your work up on your blog mate.