We Were Only Making Plans for Ziethen..

Hoping to get some painting in tomorrow, haven't done much of it in the last three weeks. Have had time to 'visualise' the strength and formations of my Prussian Napoleonic Brigade though. If they all ever get finished, i'll probably flesh the formation out, adding second battalions etc. I'd like to start painting the Berg regiment but I need to be focused and stick to the landwehr until they're done.


James said…
That's gonna look impressive...how far away from that completed force are you?
We will make a wargamer of you yet
Dinium said…
Ha ha ha - I'd love to play a game some day. Am quite a way off finishing them though James. Still got to buy three more guns for it and some more cavalry.

So far, I have finished 10 of the Landwehr, 4 of the West Prussians and finished the test figure for the Berg regiment at the weekend. So there's a lonnng way to go.
James said…
about 15% done then....by the time you get it finished I will have my wargames room built with an 8 x 6 table....you can come for your first game with our home-made rules! I will have some Brits done and my mate Paul can supply the French.
Dinium said…
Cheers James, that would be cool. Perhaps it'd be a very scaled down refight of the battle of Waterloo, and i'd have to arrive 'late' into Plancenoit!

How large is your mate Pauls French force? Are you thinking of building a British brigade from your Victrix?