Weekend Warriors

Finished 3, yes three miniatures at the weekend - and West Ham finally won a game! Am very happy with myself. Also well on the way with 2 more minis (posted here, Berg infantryman on the left, landwehr officer on the right). Am pleased with the way this Berg musketeer is coming along, he's the test piece for the battalion and I must say i'm happy with the colours. Some of the chaps will have white trousers. I may have a go at converting some of the coats into the French style and some of the shakos into the Berg style without oilskin covers.


James said…
Wow! That's a step up in the pace of your painting. You had any suspicious stimulants or steroids?

Seriously well done. The faces especially look great.
Dinium said…
Thanks James. I had most of Saturday to paint and knew with the run up to Christmas that I won't have much time to paint for a little while. Its a much better effort than this time last year (when I got married) and didn't paint from November until January (the honeymoon and Christmas 'got in the way')!