No harm in posting him up here now, as this little guy is currently getting whipped in the first knockout stage of the Steve Dean painting competition, somewhat ironically, by a handful of other Germans from the eastern front. Personally, I think he's being a bit hard done by but I guess i'm being a bit biased!

He was an experiment for the Italian camo trousers really. I was really happy with the flesh tones and overall paintjob. Still, we'll have another go next time, if anything gets finished up this month.


James said…
I like him! I have about 40 slightly large Chiltern Germans to paint for my skirmish force which was supposed to be finished by Christmas.
Dinium said…
Enjoyed painting him. Can get a bit boring painting lots of drab colours. I can mix it up by moving to my Napoleonics for some colour though.

How many Chilterns have you finished? I have finished only 6 of these Jerrys over the last 6 months. I am one of the worlds slowest painters..!
James said…
I have 20 British actually finished, based and varnished and 10 Germans about 75% done....I find the field grey is difficult to get right but I am probably being too fussy. A lot of people criticise the Chiltern range as being too big (with some justification, they are about 35mm tall) but I team them up with 1/48 vehicles and they look just right. There are a few pics of the Brits on my blog way back.