Figometer Update (March 2008)

Well, an eventful month this March has been. Helped by not going away for the Easter break, I managed to get more done than I thought I would. The equivalent of 7 miniatures finished. I say the equivalent because i'm counting an artillery piece and a hoss as a figure each too. I also cracked on with several other minis in various stages of completion.

On a sad note, my favourite brush (which some may or may not be surprised to know was a Foundry pure sable) is on its last legs, old faithful has served very well for three years but it's time to retire to the reserves and let some freshly groomed sable enter the ranks. I have been painting with Windsor and Newton Series 7 for a while too, alongside my other Foundry brushes and they're performing very well.

Looking forward to Salute now, it is only three weeks away. Time to write out a small shopping list!