Prussian Landwehr (6)

And here they all are. Still some way to go.


James said…
They are looking nice. I sort of assumed that you just did one-off "competition" entries but I see you paint whole units too- do you game at all?

Coincidentally one of my kids bagged 30 of these Foundry Prussians for £5 off their "bargain bin" at this years Salute. Well worth it. I spent £10 and got 30 French Napoleonics (bit of a mix in the pack)and 20 1890s US Marines for my VSF forces.
Dinium said…
I don't game but its a possibility I often toy with for the future. I paint units, slowly. I have been building Franco Prussian War forces since 1990, as well as Brigades of French, Austrians, Dutch Belgians and Prussian Naps. Have ots of Citadel Undead (my first love, miniature-wise) and various WWI and WWII bits too.

I bagged a £5 bag of Foundry Prussians at Salute this year too, was very pleased! Chuffed that I didn't have to pay a 7 pound postage cost!