Landwehr Cross

Finally started the landwehr standard bearer last weekend. Painted him with NCO collar lace. Enjoying adding the mud to these chaps, have to be careful not to go too overboard though.

Same paints i'm using for my Prussians for the uniform, Citadel Regal Blue for the litewka, adding Coat d'Arms Shadow Grey (yes Grey) to the mix to highlight. Trousers are basecoated with Foundry Charcoal Black C, then higlighed with Arctic Grey A and B. Mud is a combo wash of Foundry Granite A and Spearshaft B.

Handpainting the banner on foil from a Sainsburys moussaka tray. Still deliberating on whether to paint on (with difficulty) the inscription 'with God etc..'. It doesn't really matter anyway, as there is very little recorded evidence of what Landwehr banners looked like.

Just noticed the sculpted thumb on his clasping hand look massive - guess it needs a firm join for the banner pole - it won't matter when the pole is attached. This is the ninth figure just about completed for this battalion. Only 15 to go.