Notes from a remote place (well, Ascot)

Am away on usher duties for my friend Rich's wedding, but hey they have wifi in this hotel. Up early and waiting to go for breakfast so thought i'd do a 'remote post'. Here's a couple of pics of the painting desk(s) up in Diniums loft. The main painting desk is on the left. The other desk is the wife's, but I commandeer it sometimes to sprawl my little empire onto it (its also often beaten back). You might be able to see an Optivisor hanging off the left hand table. Bought this for when my eyes start to fail.

A bit messy, but it's a lot messier these days. Added some bookshelves on the far wall since these were taken. The Daylight Company lamp (shining bright in the top photo) is a godsend, I can't recommend them enough. But I get really good natural daylight from the Velux window in the roof, behind where I sit.


James said…
It looks dim but I expect that is just the photo. On the subject of eyes going, mine have been failing now for the last couple of years. (I am 47)
About this time last year I got really depressed about it and got too scared to paint for about 3 months.
But then I got back on the wagon and I believe my painting skils have actually improved to compensate (painted over 100 figures so far this year).

I am actually even feeling confident enough to go back to some 15mm, but that might not happen as I sold all my 15s off.