Holidays in Eden

Just got back yesterday from our little holiday on the south coast. Took in the Isle of Wight, a visit to my brother in Plymouth and a couple of days in a beautiful clifftop B&B near Dartmouth. Weather was better than Summer, glorious sunshine for most of the time.Couple of places of Military interest I visited while on the I.o.W. The Needles Old Battery and the Military History Museum. Here's a couple of sets of pics of the Old Battery. It was built in the 1860s to defend the entrance to the Solent from enemy shipping. The tunnel to the searchlight is particularly interesting, the searchlight position is cut into the cliff face. Also of note, the first Anti Aircraft gun was tested here, having a pop at a ship-towed kite target out in the Solent. Well worth a visit.


James said…
Oh man I'm jealous. We did not go away this year for many reasons, mainly cost.

A similar place to that Solent fort is Nothe Fort in Weymouth, that is a great place if you like the military stuff. Portland Castle is across the water from it too.

You were well lucky with the weather. Glad you had a nice break.
Dinium said…
Hi James,

We were definitely lucky with the weather. Cycled around in t-shirts, Katherine (the wife) even got into the sea!

I understand where you're coming from saying you haven't had a holiday this year. We only went to the I.o.W because we got an insanely cheap deal (skint after paying some mortgage off). It was well worth it though, just for the break.