Diorama Idea (2)

I've thought about the miniatures for this little scene. Here they are - 6 figures and 2 horses - I already have the French 'infantry in camp' Foundry figures here (somewhere in my pile of metal), along with the captured Austrian grenadier. For the cavalry, its the first time in a long time i'll be buying a couple of Front Rank sculpts. The two polish lancer figures and their horses suit my needs best. Think i'll re-sculpt one of their czapkas though, giving it an oilskin cover. I'll buy some extra things like single muskets to add to the base too.

One potential problem is the French infantry. They're in post 1812 Bardin regulation uniform. The picture is of Wagram, 1809. The lancer miniatures are probably later uniforms as well. Time to stroke the beard and maybe get the green stuff out. I probably won't get on with this until the new year though, another long project.


airhead said…
Great idea for a project, just some random thoughts on the lighting, create a poley board stand, the same size as the base you are going to use for the figures to stand on, a sealed box underneath with a small torch in, cut a hole in the base same size as the fire, a tube of red cell/film coming up from the fire hole the height of flames, red torch light should/may throw light onto the figures to be photographed for reference. Will follow this with interest.

Dinium said…
That's another great idea, thanks Airhead. Photographing how the light lays on it all before starting will definitely stand me in good stead. Off to source a good base for it all now.