Festive Figure Fruition

Had three days off last week, using up holidays before Christmas. Finished three miniatures over this time, here's two of them. Not a lot of return I hear you say, but was busy a) preparing for Xmas and b) performing DIY duties and c) put alot of time into details on the enthusiastic Berg figure, here he is along with a Westphalian chum. That's 9.5 of the Westphalian Landwehr finished now, almost half the battalion. This is probably it until after Christmas now, brushes are down!


James said…
Good work as always Dinium! I am itching to get onto my plastic Nappies but won't get time till New Year.

Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year mate.
Dinium said…
Thanks James,

I should be opening my box of plastic Frenchies over christmas too, oh the joyeux!

Have a great Christmas too. All the best and here's to wielding the brush like never before next year!!
James said…
I'll drink to that!