Figometer Update (November 2008)

Three miniatures completed in November, with several others started/worked upon. Shame I couldn't get up to four completed, maybe i'll get extra time in December (chuckles). Pleased with the way the Wesphalians are shaping up though. Should have the half battalion done sometime soon.

Not got much to offer up for the Steve Dean painting competition this month - nothing painted soley for it - so I think i'll stick a figure on it I finished in October.

I have put in the note to Santa about the Perrys plastic French box though, so if i'm good, hopefully they'll be in my stocking come Chrimbo. If I get any surplus cash at Christmas (if) then I may put in my annual large order with Foundry. Would like to buy the rest of my Prussians and finally buy the rest of my Highlander battalion (half of which i've had for ages, unpainted of course).


James said…
Good work!

I have an idea. When your wife goes in for the baby take her but when you get her to the hospital say that you forgot something and have to rush back home. She will be in good hands and then you can get a few more painted.
First babies take ages she won't need you there till the end.....
Dinium said…
Ha, I could try James, but my concentration would be seriously affected!

I have a few days holiday left that I have to take before the end of the year and as most of my xmas shopping is done, I might just have a days worth of painting ahead (which would be very nice).