Diorama Idea

Following on from the Skeleton miniature I posted a while back, and after the comments some of you left about the OSL thing which got my imagination going, I want to develop it further. i've been thinking about what to paint next.

Got me thinking of putting something together with several figures and terrain, somewhat more complex. Now as most of you clearly understand, it takes me years to do anything in here, so this project would probably take me a long time (but who cares, you're a long time dead too). I'm reckoning on a small bivouac scene using this famous painting as the source.

Figures for it will probably be Perry (lots of options of infantry at rest) and Foundry (Guard Lancers). What's another project amongst so many...


James said…
I would be tempted to use LED lighting for the central fire...as an adjunct to the OSL painting on the figures.
Grouping the figures in their positions for the diorama (before painting) and setting up an LED in the middle would even give you an indication on WHERE to paint the light effects on each figure maybe....just an idea.
Dinium said…
That's a good Idea James, well worth trying out. I'll have me a look at some ways of incorporating an LED.