Work in Progress (May 08)

What Lovely sunny weather we're having, shame i'm stuck in the office, grr. I've not finished and photographed any miniatures for a little while, so here's some random shots of work in progress from the Franco-Prussian project. Recently been working on horses, experimenting with methods other than the 'oil wipe off'. I found I had to be disciplined to pay as much attention to the hoss as the rider and equipment, I think it's a common problem in the miniature painting world that there's this lack of love for painting the horse. Perhaps its due to the fact it is a larger surface area with little 'sharp' detail upon it.

Anyway, all I say is it takes me a fairly long time to paint up a 28mm horse, and extra stamina is needed to do so. But i'm happy with the way these particular figures are shaping up.

Just about all the figures I grabbed at Salute 08 are still in their blisters atop the lead mountain, with some figures in blisters from last years Salute!! To add to this madness the weather's hotting up outside and the acrylics are drying damn fast. And i've heard and seen evidence that the Perrys are bringing out plastic Napoleonics. It all getting very exciting and summer is just around the corner!