Bought a handfull of the Great War Miniatures er, miniatures when I went to Salute in April. Got round to starting them today. Here's a WIP pic. Nice fairly large sculpts with lots of character, this is the guy booting a football (into no mans land!).

The base colour I have used for the khaki is Vallejo Brown Violet 887. Will probably highlight it with one of the Foundry Drab triad. The webbing base colour is a 50/50 mix of Foundry Moss B and Storm Green B. I'll try to post some more pics of this guy as he progresses (could take some time!).

It has rained in London all day, but have managed almost a full working day of painting, tired but happy to have finished some other miniatures off. Another observation of note - Donny Rovers won the League One playoff against Leeds at Wembley yesterday - am very proud of them. It'll be Championship football for them in August. Probably be quite a shock I expect...