Its my Birthday...

And all I got was this... Great book. Achtung Schweinhund! by Harry Pearson. Been wanting to read this for ages. Kindly bought for me by my inlaws. I'm sure many people who would find my blog interesting have probably read it aw hile ago but I just started it, and already I can see the inevitable parallels in it to my own life.

I did get other stuff of course. Although the postie hasn't delivered many cards (yet). Maybe I am that popular!

Katherine whisked me away to Madrid last weekend and I really enjoyed it. Its a shame the pound is so weak against the Euro at the moment, but things are generally cheaper over there. Took in some Flamenco at a world famous club (Corral de la Moreria) where they literally smashed up the wooden floor of the stage with their footwork (I suspect it is replaced very frequently). Even managed to squeeze in a look at the armour that's kept at the Palace Real. In 'painting life', i'm coming to the end of the recent projects with only the basing to do. Hopefully i'll be able to post some photos of this stuff soon. Adios