Tommy Two

Oh, and despite the aching arm, which I shouldn't have aggravated really, I worked some more on the British tommy footballer last night for an hour or two. As I couldn't get hold of Vallejo English Uniform in time, I have used Foundry Drab A then Drab A+B to highlight the uniform, followed by a final highlight of pure Drab B in selected areas (the most raised details). Its a fairly poor photo that's not showing the tonal values very well, but started work on the 'wet' lower legs and boots too. I used a mix of Foundrys Granite A and Bay Brown A applied to the lower putees and boots, adding more Granite A and some Granite B to highlight for a damp look. I'm trying to get a similar appearance to the wetness in this Saving Private Ryan pic, like a 'grey' sheen. Still needs more work though.