Figometer Update (September 2008)

The nights are drawing in, and i've just had my first cold of the Autumn (always a nasty one), my chest has been rattling like a rusty old gate, better now though. Didn't stop me finishing the month 1 up on my target number of completed minis! 5 miniatures finished, thanks to last weekend's little spurt.

So am pleased with my efforts this last month. Spent quite some time on entries for competitions as well as working on a mix of different figure types, fantasy and historical. All round, a multifarious mix of camo schemes, drabs and Napoleonic colour flamboyance. Had a stab at Other Source Lighting too, an interesting way to work (in a good way). It makes you think about where the light would fall on the miniature and lots of colour blending involved too. I'll post it when it's finished.


James said…
Hi Dinium,

found you via Martin Stephenson's blog. I also keep a wargaming blog although have not played a game for over a year so mostly just try to keep my painting up.

Your Figometer is a charming idea. I been trying to work it out. I can understand it only going up to 8 figures, I don't get much time to paint either. But why is anything over 6 figures in the red zone? Does that mean you are in danger of neglecting some other area of your life?