Sd Kfz 251 Crewman

I know I haven't offered up any figures to look at for a while. I was holding this chap back, as I wanted to put in him a competition. He's part of the two man German vehicle crew from Bolt Action Miniatures. Seen as though he's still unfinished (binoculars and pistol) and has been sitting on the desk for two or three months, thought i'd post him up here.

Went for as realistic as I could with the reversible smock. I like the face, a sort of grizzled veteran look, seemingly a bit tired of having to put up with no air cover over his armoured column again! Put some extra time in on those boots too. I was pleased with the results.


You should be pleased with the results as it's superb work!

cianty said…
That is a beautiful paint job! Yes, the face is escpecially well done. Very cool!
The Doc said…
Beautiful work. Excellent brushwork.
Sollado2 said…
Really great!!!! Amazing mate!!!!