Dutch Belgian Artillery WIP (3)

Had some time to work on the gunners a little more. Keeping with the muddiness theme for the overalls.


Giles said…
Lovely work, as usual. I would never have thought of using the Foundry black palette for greys, but it works very well.

Best wishes

Unknown said…
I'm really impressed by your painting.
I just have a question regarding your paints. Are you using the Foundry flesh palette on top of Vallejo red leather or the Citadel dwarf/elf flesh combination.


Dinium said…
Hi Ian, thanks for your kind comments. I always use the Vallejo Red Leather base, then as mentioned by yourself, Citadel Dwarf flesh, followed by Elf flesh. I add white or a suitable off white to the mix for highlights on noses and cheekbones. I often add some dark red to the mix for the slight rose cheek thing I like to paint on.

I do use the original Foundry flesh sometimes, though it can look a little flat to me.

Hope this helps you out.