Dutch Belgian Artillery WIP

On the table this week are these chaps. hoping to get them completed this week. First use of the Foundry Prussian Blue palette for the tunic on these figures. It is quite a satin finish, a little bit harder to control than the Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue I am using on the Dutch Milita infantry. But I want a bit of variety in the blues in this contingent. One annoyance with the gunner attending the trail is the bit of flash on his left arm that I missed shearing off when attaching the arm, oh well. I'll be using the Foundry French Gun Olive Palette on the 6 pounder gun, though I have taken note of others' comments that it is not a particularly great match for the olive we're looking for. I'll use a few washes to tone it to my liking anyway.


It's looking very nice so far.

Martin said…
Fine work on these chaps. I'm looking forward to seeing them based up.

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