Dutch Belgian Artillery WIP (2)

Had the day off on Friday, and completed the Dutch 6 pounder. Took some photos of each stage. I only used the Foundry French Gun Olive Green A and B, as I thought the C shade would make the carriage too light for my tastes.

First pic shows the carriage block painted with Foundry French Gun Olive Green A. Then (pic 2), a wash of Green Ink mixed with GW Scorched Brown (Games Workshop) over the base colour. Pic 3 is the completed piece, Olive Green A was then carefully painted on again for the wood grain, followed by Olive Green A+B for a highlight. Metalwork received a drybrush of Charcoal Black B + Black with Scorched Brown, and tops of rivets etc lightly painted with chainmail. Heavily spackled with mud for the 1815 look. The mud was a various mix, including GW Vermin Brown, Scorched Brown, Black and with French Gun Olive Green A added too (for midtone between the olive and brown mud on the wheel spokes).


Looks very nice and has that weathered quality about it.

Martin said…
I too have misgivings about these Foundry French artillery greens. They look more suitable for the apple green of Russian artillery pieces.

Still, you've made the best of them here and I especially like your treatment of the metalwork.
Giles said…
That really is one of the best looking artillery pieces I've seen. The weathered look is absolutely spot on. I used the French olive green palette recently and it's nothing like what I thought it should be.

Best wishes


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