Sunday, 21 December 2008

Festive Figure Fruition

Had three days off last week, using up holidays before Christmas. Finished three miniatures over this time, here's two of them. Not a lot of return I hear you say, but was busy a) preparing for Xmas and b) performing DIY duties and c) put alot of time into details on the enthusiastic Berg figure, here he is along with a Westphalian chum. That's 9.5 of the Westphalian Landwehr finished now, almost half the battalion. This is probably it until after Christmas now, brushes are down!

Monday, 15 December 2008

Diorama Idea (2)

I've thought about the miniatures for this little scene. Here they are - 6 figures and 2 horses - I already have the French 'infantry in camp' Foundry figures here (somewhere in my pile of metal), along with the captured Austrian grenadier. For the cavalry, its the first time in a long time i'll be buying a couple of Front Rank sculpts. The two polish lancer figures and their horses suit my needs best. Think i'll re-sculpt one of their czapkas though, giving it an oilskin cover. I'll buy some extra things like single muskets to add to the base too.

One potential problem is the French infantry. They're in post 1812 Bardin regulation uniform. The picture is of Wagram, 1809. The lancer miniatures are probably later uniforms as well. Time to stroke the beard and maybe get the green stuff out. I probably won't get on with this until the new year though, another long project.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Diorama Idea

Following on from the Skeleton miniature I posted a while back, and after the comments some of you left about the OSL thing which got my imagination going, I want to develop it further. i've been thinking about what to paint next.

Got me thinking of putting something together with several figures and terrain, somewhat more complex. Now as most of you clearly understand, it takes me years to do anything in here, so this project would probably take me a long time (but who cares, you're a long time dead too). I'm reckoning on a small bivouac scene using this famous painting as the source.

Figures for it will probably be Perry (lots of options of infantry at rest) and Foundry (Guard Lancers). What's another project amongst so many...

Monday, 1 December 2008

Figometer Update (November 2008)

Three miniatures completed in November, with several others started/worked upon. Shame I couldn't get up to four completed, maybe i'll get extra time in December (chuckles). Pleased with the way the Wesphalians are shaping up though. Should have the half battalion done sometime soon.

Not got much to offer up for the Steve Dean painting competition this month - nothing painted soley for it - so I think i'll stick a figure on it I finished in October.

I have put in the note to Santa about the Perrys plastic French box though, so if i'm good, hopefully they'll be in my stocking come Chrimbo. If I get any surplus cash at Christmas (if) then I may put in my annual large order with Foundry. Would like to buy the rest of my Prussians and finally buy the rest of my Highlander battalion (half of which i've had for ages, unpainted of course).